Training services

Safety and reliability is everyone’s responsibility

LiftTech personnel are highly trained and qualified to provide instruction for equipment operators and maintenance technicians on the standards and procedures they need to use for safety compliance and equipment reliability.

Our experience makes LiftTech the right choice for equipment and devices in almost any industrial facility. 

LiftTech personnel focus on creating a culture that aims to identify and eliminate workplace hazards and dangerous work practices, while supporting the requirements for equipment reliability and productivity, allowing our customers to achieve a safe and productive work environment. 

With training from LiftTech, your staff can become a more effective team for productivity and loss prevention. While our training programs are based on applicable recognized standards and best practices, our approach is very application oriented, focusing on the specific equipment and processes used in your industry and at your facility. 

Our experienced instructors are able to tailor standard programs or develop new programs specifically for your staff and operations.

LiftTech Maintenance Training covers the latest information and instruction on:

  • Safety Standards and Practices
  • Preventative Maintenance Procedures
  • Inspection Practices and Procedures
  • Testing Practices and Procedures
  • Maintenance Practice and Procedures

LiftTech Operator Training covers the latest information and instruction on: 

  • Safety Standards and Practices
  • Inspection Practices and Procedures
  • Functional Testing and Procedures
  • Equipment Controls and Operation
  • Equipment Operation Awareness

*Course materials and instruction are based on actual equipment in your maintenance inventory.