Your single source for end-to-end service

LiftTech provides a one-call capability to support all heavy-duty industrial equipment in your facility

  • Above-the-hook: Cranes and crane components
  • Below-the-hook: Mechanical and magnetic lifting devices
  • On-the-ground: Surface mounted and mobile equipment

…for equipment from any manufacturer.

Our end-to-end capability provides one-call service for:

...for cranes and electrical, mechanical and hydraulic components, mechanical and magnetic lifting devices and your on-the-ground process equipment.

LiftTech combines planned maintenance and emergency service into a simple, convenient package tailored to the needs of your facility. Every job begins with the crew properly equipped to complete their assigned tasks. Our trained, dedicated inspectors and technicians are on call for you in multiple locations, 24/7, across the United States. We also provide immediate access to professional engineering support, as needed.

Call 1.800.771.3321, toll free, for: