LiftSafe®: One step to mechanical integrity

LiftSafe is a multi-point maintenance management program based on the principles of mechanical integrity and supported by industry experts to establish, monitor and maintain your inventory of above-the-hook, below-the-hook and on-the-ground equipment and devices.

LiftTech looks beyond equipment inspections to establish an integrated preventative maintenance systems-based process for continuous improvement throughout your facility.

The LiftSafe Program integrates the complete range of maintenance tasks and information services to ensure a seamless end-to-end solution for the needs of your facility, from inventory to process upgrades.

  • Equipment Identification & Classification
  • Documented Procedures
  • Employee Training
  • Testing & Inspection
  • Correction of Deficiencies
  • Quality Assurance

LiftTech will design a LiftSafe service program to integrate the complete equipment maintenance needs of your production department, whether it is for one piece of equipment or your complete facility.

LiftTech’s LiftSafe Maintenance Management Program is your facility’s primary management tool for avoiding costs before they occur with your equipment and devices. When your equipment is operating reliably and efficiently, your entire facility takes a step up toward achieving its full potential with:

  • Increased uptime and production capacity
  • Enhanced safety environment
  • Clearly defined maintenance tasks
  • Less reliance on costly spares
  • Greater production capacity
  • Reduced liability

To learn more about how LiftSafe can reduce operating costs, improve plant safety and reliability, and enhance accountability in your operation, use our Contact form or visit our download library for more information.