The LiftTech Library

Lifttech BrochureLiftTech Industrial Services

The LiftTech field service network was created in response to customer demands for a consolidated source of field support for all of their mobile and stationary equipment and devices. LiftTech protects the productivity of today’s most challenging environments with expert end-to-end services for maximizing equipment uptime.

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LiftSafe BrochureLiftSafe® Maintenance Management Program

LiftSafe is a multi-point maintenance management program based on the principles of mechanical integrity and supported by industry experts to establish, monitor and maintain your above-the-hook, below-the-hook and on-the-ground equipment and devices inventory.

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LiftTrax BrochureLiftTrax® Inspection & Maintenance Planning Program

LiftTrax is a multi-point inspection and service planning program for equipment and devices, supported by expert personnel and advanced technology. With the LiftTrax program, facility managers can rely on one source for planned inspection services, covering a complete range of equipment and devices:

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Adding Up The Savings!

Actual case studies demonstrate how consistent and integrated maintenance planning can lead to significant savings throughout the lifecycle of your equipment and devices.

Download these examples to learn how LiftTech services can achieve maintenance savings of as much as 75%:

Lifting magnet repair and remanufacturing

Coil grab repair and engineering upgrade

Scrap grapple repair and failure analysis