For safety and savings, get LiftTech onsite!

LiftTech Industrial Services was created as a result of an increasing market demand for an integrated field services network supplier that would respond to industry demands for safety and savings from a consolidated resource to support equipment and devices from manufacturers.

LiftTech operates as an independent network with a singular focus on field services tailored to the needs of every customer through qualified engineers, inspectors and technicians located throughout the United States. LiftTech offers immediate response to all your onsite service requirements: above-the-hook, below-the-hook or on-the-ground.

Our LiftSafe Maintenance Management Program provides customers with an end-to-end service package designed to optimize the benefits of a fully integrated maintenance plan that ensures compliance with industry standards. 

  • Savings: with reduced downtime, improved safety and integrated resource planning
  • Reliability: with expert inspection and proactive services
  • Accountability: with thorough, consistent documentation and turnkey responsibility

Safety and savings from LiftTech Industrial Services provides your industrial facility with the equipment service resources you need, so you can focus on your core competencies to meet your customers’ expectations.

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