Your total uptime solution

LiftTech Industrial Services protects the productivity of today’s most challenging industrial environments with expert end-to-end services for maximizing equipment uptime.

  • Above-the-hook
  • Below-the-hook
  • On-the-ground

Our one-call service capability ensures that your operation is up and running to the highest possible level and fully compliant with your industry’s most rigorous standards of safety and reliability throughout the life of your equipment.


LiftTrax is an inspection reporting program developed by LiftTech to fill in the information gaps in your maintenance plans. LiftTrax is our way to help maintenance managers ensure consistent tracking of all equipment and devices, including their current condition, application profile, service needs and maintenance history whether it is one piece of equipment or your total operation. <more> 


LiftSafe is a multi-point maintenance management program based on the principles of mechanical integrity and supported by industry experts to establish, monitor and maintain your complete inventory of above-the-hook, below-the-hook and on-the-ground equipment and devices. <more>